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Background Screening Requirement

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Background Screening Introduction

For an introduction to the U.S. Ski & Snowboard background screening process, as well as a list of criterion offenses please visit:

Which Memberships Require Background Screening?

All U.S. Ski & Snowboard members 18 and over (or turning 18 within the current season - which runs July 1st-June 30th) are required to complete background screening every two seasons with the exception of Foreign Short-Term and Alpine Masters memberships. 

How Do I Complete Background Screening?

The link to register for your background screening will be provided on the final confirmation page after purchasing your membership.

However, if you are not able to complete it at that time, you can find the link by logging into your account (it will be in the yellow alert box above your Welcome page) and you will also receive an email from us with the instructions and link. 

How Often Do I Have To Complete Background Screening?

Background screening is currently required to be completed every two (2) seasons.

How Long Do I have To Complete My Background Screening?

We highly recommend that you register for your background screening as soon as possible as your membership will remain on pending status until we receive a green-light from NCSI on your screening. 

How Long Does Background Screening Take To Complete?

For domestic screenings, it typically takes 5-7 business days - but this can vary depending on state and county turnaround times, so it is always recommended that this be completed as soon as you have purchased your membership for the current season. 

For foreign screenings, it can take several weeks to several months, as international paperwork is typically required.

Once your background screen has been submitted, please keep an eye on your email as NCSI will communicate this way if they need further information from you.

Do I Need to Provide Personal Information For Background Screening? (i.e. Social Security Number)

Yes, the amount of personal information that is required is limited but necessary in order to complete your screening. Our third-party screening company, NCSI, maintains a highly secure system to protect this data. All data transmission takes place on a secured server. The data you provide will ONLY be used for the purpose of this background check.

I Am Not A U.S. Citizen And Do Not Have A Social Security Number, How Do I Complete My Background Screening?

You can still register for your screening. However, international paperwork will likely be required, so please keep an eye on your email from NCSI who will be contacting you for this information. You can also contact NCSI directly at 1 (866) 996-7412 once your membership has been processed and you have registered through there secure website.

I Just Completed Screening For Another Company, Why Do I Need To Complete Another Screening?

Each organization has different criteria upon which they review applicants which may or may not follow the same guidelines as U.S. Ski & Snowboard and so you will need to still submit for your background screening through our third-party screening company, NCSI.

I Received An Email Requesting Additional Information For My Background Screening, Is This Required?

Yes, sometimes NCSI will require additional information in order to complete your screening. All of the information is uploaded to a secure server. 

Help! My Membership Is Still Pending For Not Registering For Background Screening

Your U.S. Ski & Snowboard Membership requires background screening through our third-party screening company, NCSI, to activate your membership. Please register for your screening by finding the email from that would have been sent to you around the time you purchased your membership.

If you still are unable to find the link or instructions, please reach out to us at: and we will send you the instructions and link.



Background Screening Requirement

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