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How do I change my division?

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Please call Member Services at 435.647.2666 or email to change your division affiliation. You will need to let Member Services know which division you are changing from and moving to. Please also note the state and club if those are also changing. Please note, there may be a difference in division dues which could require additional payment.

NOTE: If the request is December 1 or later, approval is required from each respective division in order to switch divisions.



In the event of a pandemic, Alpine and Cross Country athletes who are relocating permanently or semi-permanently in-season after December 1 may request to change their regional or divisional affiliation by writing to the Alpine Development Director, Cross Country Sport Manager.  Requests are subject to approval by both relevant regional directors, and they must include proof of new residency for a minimum of two months.  The athlete will be responsible to pay dues in the new division.  Change of affiliation will not be valid until it is reflected on the next valid points list.  Athletes are limited to a maximum of two affiliation changes per season after December 1.


How do I change my division?

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